Welcome to the Rhumbelow Theatre

It would probably be unfair to say that the Theatre truly started in July 2001.

Whilst the theatre as we know it today opened its doors in July 2001 the Rhumbelow Shellhole hall has been used for over 50 years to entertain the community in Durban. The Hall was built by the service men and women of the 1st and 2nd World War residing in the Durban Umbilo area. It was officially opened on September 1st 1929 with much celebration, and was to be a social meeting spot for many to come in the future.

Whilst many of these aspirant builders have passed on, the hall has continued to be used for dances, shows, dinner gatherings, Scottish dance lessons and a variety of activities over the last 50 years.

In early 2001 The Family Players (a group of Comedy Drag Mime artists who have been doing shows and raising funds for TAFTA for some 25 years) where looking for a home. Thanks to a friend who had been helping with artwork for our shows and who was a member of the Rhumbelow Moths suggested we looked at the hall. Well the rest is history.

The hall has a cute little stage and loads of character. Obviously the hall and stage and dressing room facilities needed some work, so our first show in July 2001 was done as a fundraiser to put in new curtains and to do alterations to provide suitable change rooms and toilet facilities. We have since completed further major renovation, an awning down the side of the building to enlarge the outdoor area, which with Durban’s climate is ideal for braaing. We also acquired two pianos, one for the stage and one for pre-show music and finally air conditioning.

Some of us have became members of the Moths and thus will assist in raising funds for various charity activities that they get involved in. We put a new show in every month to run on the first weekend of every month. Our shows are varied and have been good value for money, an entertaining evening out, in a secure environment at a reasonable price.

So please support, as what better way then to support a venue then one you help to create.